I have a Man-Crush on Casey Affleck (and other reasons he’s going to be a star)

I have a man-crush on Casey Affleck.  It’s true, i can’t deny these feelings any longer, i have to give into them and allow myself to deal with it in my own way.  Perhaps the most unsettling thing about this whole situation is that i first became truly conscious of my feelings for Casey while watching him pummel both Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba to death in the highly sinister “The Killer inside me”.  Hmm…

The killer inside me was directed by the often controversial Michael Winterbottom and this film was no exception.  The graphic and sadistic nature of the violence drew the ire of many critics, predictably leading to calls for it to be banned.  The story is narrated by Deputy Lou Ford (Affleck *sigh*) and tells the story of his eventual undoing for a series of callous, self-interested murders.  Shot and styled after the American gothic neo-noir oeuvre, it is a grueling endeavour but Afflecks performance is absolutely worth it.

While the violence is shocking it is never without context, the character of Lou Ford is a psychopath and it is in these scenes and the way he responds after the events that we see how truly disturbed he is.  It is through these episodes that we see the deft touch of Affleck, lulling us into a false sense of security with his comforting, caramel southern drawl then chilling us with his sociopathic, calculated savagery.  He plays both sides so effortlessly is difficult at times to be able to determine where the line is, if anywhere.

A little taste for you below:

While for a long time Casey had only minor roles (one of the crazy monster truck driving brothers in the Oceans trilogy) the last few years have definitely been building up to bigger and better things.  In 2007 he was in three films – “Oceans 13”; “The assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford” (as the coward Robert Ford – and he was excellent in a wholly excellent film) and “Gone Baby Gone”, his brother Ben’s critically acclaimed directorial debut.  Now well and truly outside of his brothers shadow his next couple of films are:

-an all-star cast comedy heist featuring the likes of Eddie Murphy; Jon Voigt; Dave Chappelle; Alan Alda and Matthew Broderick

-a Ridley Scott directed 1930’s gangster flick (when Ridley’s done with the non-Alien prequel Alien prequel.  If you know what i mean…)

So be on the lookout for Casey Affleck to set your hearts a-flutter and your Oscars a-gonging in the years to come, hopefully he has good things in the future.

“I’m still here” notwithstanding.


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