I Love you Natalie Portman! Part II – Attack Of The Drones

There have been some scurrilous rumor’s orbiting the Inter-Webs that Natalie Portman may miss out on an Oscar due to a forthcoming Movie called “No Strings Attached”.  It is being uncharitably labeled as Natalies “Norbit”, the film that theoretically cost Eddie Murphy an Oscar because it was released after nominations had closed but before voting had.  It was apparently so awful that the academy couldn’t bring itself to award the most prestigious statuette in the history of thespianism to such a hack no matter how good he had, or had not been, as James Early in “Dream Girls”.

Those types of comparisons are grossly unfair to both the project and the talent involved in “No Strings Attached”.

First, and most likely foremost, is Natalie’s co-star, the highly talented comic genius (and son of Bruce Willis – Zing!) Ashton Kutcher.  Who can forget that wonderful day in 2003 when televised comedy was revolutionised by the brilliant and thoughtful “Punk’d”?  Or that millennial masterpiece of mystery “Dude, Where’s my Car?”?  And let’s not forget the gentle, sensitive consideration of modern love and relationships that was “Beauty and the Geek” which he executive produced.

Doesn't it look Awesome??

But it doesn’t stop there, oh no!  The director of this modern-day-romeo-and-juliet-story is veteran directorial Legend – Ivan Reitman.  The man who brought us the trilogy of Arnie at his side-splitting best: “Twins”; “Kindergarten Cop” and, who could forget, “Junior”.  Not only is he a directorial colossus but as a producer is almost unparalleled in excellence.  Immortal titles like “The Columbus of Sex”; “Death Weekend” and “Cannibal Girls”.  Cinematic classics like “Stop! Or my Mom Will Shoot”, the Beethoven movies (the talking dog, not the pianist) and of course, who could forget the ethereal, “Spacejam”.

And if, despite the stellar array of talent involved, the movie fails to meet the lofty expectations of the academy i’m sure YOU will still be excellent.

With Love

El Bludgerino


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A two time high school dropout; Art school dropout AND Business school dropout El Bludgerino is currently dedicating his life to making the internet just a little bit better by contributing to it. Here you will find the largely incoherent blatherings that make up a majority of the authors waking thought (and some of his dreams) as well as the occasional movie and television "review".
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