I Love You Natalie Portman!: Part III – Revenging Wordsmith (Zing!)

I wrote this for you Natalie.

Well I adapted a timeless theme and customised it to perfectly suit you and express how i feel…


Her eye discourses; I will answer it.

But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?                                                                      It is the east, and Natalie is the sun.
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
Who is already sick and pale with grief,
That thou her maid art far more fair than she
Be not her maid, since she is envious;
Her vestal livery is but sick and green
And none but fools do wear it; cast it off.   It is my lady, O, it is my love!                                       O, that she knew she were!
She speaks yet she says nothing: what of that?
Her eye discourses; I will answer it.                                                                                                     I am too bold, ’tis not to me she speaks:
Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven,
Having some business, do entreat her eyes
To twinkle in their spheres till they return.

O, that I were a glove upon that hand

What if her eyes were there, they in her head?
The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars,                                                                              As daylight doth a lamp; her eyes in heaven Would through the airy region stream so bright
That swans would sing and think it were not night.
See, how she leans her cheek upon her hand!
O, that I were a glove upon that hand,             That I might touch that cheek!                                O Natalie, Natalie! wherefore art thou Natalie?
Deny thy fiance and refuse thy name
Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
And I’ll no longer be a Bludgerino.

With Love

El Bludgerino (if you’re not into the whole brevity thing – and i know you’re not)

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About El Bludgerino

A two time high school dropout; Art school dropout AND Business school dropout El Bludgerino is currently dedicating his life to making the internet just a little bit better by contributing to it. Here you will find the largely incoherent blatherings that make up a majority of the authors waking thought (and some of his dreams) as well as the occasional movie and television "review".
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One Response to I Love You Natalie Portman!: Part III – Revenging Wordsmith (Zing!)

  1. Adj says:

    Did you see this yet?


    Few ballet films excite popular fascination, and almost none to the degree of “Black Swan.” This month, it’s up for five Oscars. So why has it so intrigued academy voters and the public alike? Surely because it exerts its lurid appeal on multiple levels.

    It’s a backstager: Will poor hard-working Nina (Natalie Portman) get the white-black double lead role of “Swan Lake,” pull off its taxing demands, survive till the first night and vanquish her rival, not to mention her terrors? It’s horror: Nina’s life spirals out of control for alarming reasons apparently beyond her control and indeed her comprehension. It’s psychosexual drama: Those forces come from her confused perceptions of her mother, her sexual inhibitions, her ambitions and her increasingly schizoid fantasies. It’s a Tchaikovsky-soundtrack movie: Nothing about it is neater than the way Clint Mansell’s score is almost all taken from “Swan Lake” material, with a marvelous use of the slow chords prefacing the ballet’s most famous pas de deux for an offstage effect of psychological suspense.

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