I Rave, therefore I Am

Hello, and welcome to “Ravings from an Entertainment Media Junkie”.  This site is dedicated to opinions on all things Film, TV, Computer Games, other assorted media.

My opinions and those of a select group of close friends.

Here we get to Rail (Michael Bay), Rant (Commercial Free to air TV), Regale (Natalie Portman) and Respond (expected unkind/moronic commenting/trolling).

The overall aim of this site is of course to eventually sell out and live like kings, rolling in cash to dry off after an Italian mineral water bath.  But until then it is simply to  opine on the things closest to our hearts – Garbage Media Excrement (GME).

If there is any GME you would specifically like to hear about, or simply that you think we will enjoy/loathe, please hit up the comments box below.

Don’t get your hopes up though as we are all extremely lazy and somewhat nihilistic.

And Bad Grammar.  And speling

So whatever

El Bludgerino (if you’re not into the whole brevity thing) et al


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