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A two time high school dropout; Art school dropout AND Business school dropout El Bludgerino is currently dedicating his life to making the internet just a little bit better by contributing to it. Here you will find the largely incoherent blatherings that make up a majority of the authors waking thought (and some of his dreams) as well as the occasional movie and television "review".

The FX Network Actually Sucks, Even Though We All Think It Doesn’t For Some Reason

The FX cable network in the US is often spoken of in the same terms as HBO, Showtime and AMC – a premium cable network that produces quality drama above all else. It’s programming is described often as “Edgy”, “original” … Continue reading

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Sofia Coppola… She’s, like, Francis’ Daughter right?

Having just sat through the entirety of Sofia Coppola’s interminable bore of a film “Somewhere” i feel the need to offer my perfectly reasonable and carefully composed opinions on the career of ms Coppola. I really, truly, deeply and with … Continue reading

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The Awesomest reality TV horror show finally arrives on Australian TV

Reality TV has always held a special place in heart.  Ever since as a small child i first watched an Arkansas red neck get tasered multiple times by police on “Cops” through to the sensitive relationship-advice/girl-fight-inciting “Cheaters” i have always … Continue reading

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I Love You Natalie Portman!: Part III – Revenging Wordsmith (Zing!)

I wrote this for you Natalie. Well I adapted a timeless theme and customised it to perfectly suit you and express how i feel… ahem… But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?                                … Continue reading

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Episodes, the new Showtime sitcom starring Matt LeBlanc, is AWESOME! Yes, you heard me, AWESOME!

When one thinks of Matt LeBlanc one immediately recalls his indelible 3 episode arc on that classic, marquee comedy series “Married With Children”.  Who can forget his vacant, innocent charm as Vinnie Verducci, flashing his now familiar smile and swaggering … Continue reading

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I have a Man-Crush on Casey Affleck (and other reasons he’s going to be a star)

I have a man-crush on Casey Affleck.  It’s true, i can’t deny these feelings any longer, i have to give into them and allow myself to deal with it in my own way.  Perhaps the most unsettling thing about this … Continue reading

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I Love you Natalie Portman! Part II – Attack Of The Drones

There have been some scurrilous rumor’s orbiting the Inter-Webs that Natalie Portman may miss out on an Oscar due to a forthcoming Movie called “No Strings Attached”.  It is being uncharitably labeled as Natalies “Norbit”, the film that theoretically cost … Continue reading

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Vampires versus Zombies: The ultimate No-Holds-Barred Cage-Match Smackdown… With Statistics!

Vampires or Zombies? The question has haunted TV and Movie pundits for the last several weeks and the debate shows no sign of abating.  If you look in the horror section of any bookshop you would think that Vampires had … Continue reading

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I love you Natalie Portman! (and you should win the Best Actress Oscar for Black Swan)

She’s Done it!  After only 1 previous nomination the delightful Natalie Portman has all but assured her place on the Oscar walk of Fame by picking up the highly dubious, but highly visible, Golden Globe Best-Actress-in-a-Drama-or-Documentary-or-Pet-Show-or-Aeroplane.  That she did so … Continue reading

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